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PLM Solutions
PLM Applications

PLM Applications

PLM manages the entire product life cycle from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to after-market sales and services.  It integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.  Basically, it is the backbone of a product’s value chain in an organization. 

Most PLM implementations require varying degrees of customizations based on usage and preferences of the client.  These customizations, often give rise to operational challenges in the software with regards to day-to-day activities.  ​Our PLM experts realized that these challenges are not ​entirely unique and similar situations arise in other implementations with different clients.  So, as a value-add, ​our experts have developed a set of applications which are operational shortcuts to overcome these challenges. These applications enable PLM users to be more productive and efficient by saving time and effort and thus, realize optimal value out of the software.
PLM Solutions | Barry Wehmiller International

Change Summary Report

Change summary report

BOM Release Report

BOM release report

Document Search 

document search

​Auto Populate Forms

Auto populate forms


CAD Download Utility

CAD Download utility

Auto-fill attribute Value

Auto-fill attribute value


Creo Data Analyzer

Creo Data Analyzer

Publish Drawings Utility

Publish drawings utility

Priority Publishing

Priority Publishing

Bulk Publishing

Bulk Publishing


​Creo Data Export Utility

CREO data export utility

Bulk Update Attributes

Bulk update attributes

Dynamic Banner on Windchill

Dynamic Banner on Windchill

Moving Windchill Objects by CSV

Moving Windchill objects by CSV

Renaming CAD Documents

Renaming CAD documents

Stamping on published PDF

Stamping on published PDF

SolidWorks Data Analyzer

Solidworks data analyzer